LF26 4 cylinder 2700 cc liquid cooled enginee



By using the flathead engine instead of a overhead engine, we make the engine smaller despite the big cubic capacity.


With the flathead engine, we could make it much simpler and do not have the complexity of the rockers.  One of our customers wrote on a blog  after exploring the inside of the engine "This engine will go a long way. After fiddling in it's belly, I have even more faith in the mechanics of the engine. It is so simple, there is not much that can go wrong."


The extra weight of the cooling liquid is compensated by the the flathead design, as we  do not have the overhead parts with cooling ribs.  The liquid cooling makes it possible to practise "touch and go's" or hoovering for the helicopters without any danger for thermal shocks or hotspots. It further improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions.


We choose for big cubic capacity (resulting in a high torque, and direct driven, because we feel more comfortable with a big engine running lower RPM instead of a smaller engine running high RPM.  We took one of the good points of high RPM engines by choosing for "nikasil" treatment for the cylinders. This expensive treatment is mostly used for high performance motorbike engines or race engines running up to 12.000 RPM. At a red line of 3000 RPM this treatment is an extra guarantee for a long life.


When a valve of an overhead engine is not closing,  the engine stops and expensive repair is the result.  When a valve of a sidevalve engine is not closing, you continue flying with less power and there won't be expensive repair cost. So you have a safe flight

European sales

We deliver your engine in a KIT, or install the engine in your airplane/helicopter/drone

The D-Motor engine is unique. The torque is guaranteed nearly flat from 2000 RPM to 3000 RPM. The installation of the engine and the tuning is important. At D-Motor we offer two business models : 

* You buy our engine in a KIT (and choose what backplate, add-ons you want us to provide)

* You buy our engine and we install the engine in your airplane/helicopter or drone. Installation will be in our headquarters (near to EBMO and EBKT) or on
   site.  We quote for the installation, tuning and commissioning. 

The 25,50,100, ... maintenance can be done by our technicians, or done by yourself. 

All necessary manuals are stored on our DROP system (ask for your login credentials) 

Contact us for US, Canadian, african and far east installations.



  • Type: D- motor LF26

  • Class: Microlight aircrafts

  • Engine: Four cylinders, four stroke, liquid cooled

  • Displacement: 2690 cc

  • Stroke: 80 mm

  • Compression ratio: 8/1

  • Max power: 91.8 hp (67.5KW) at 3000 RPM

  • Max continuous power: 88.8 hp (65.3KW) at 2800 RPM

  • Used fuel: 91, 93, 95. 98 octane or avgas

  • Fuel consumption: see fuel consumption table

  • Maximum torque: 220 Nm at 2500 RPM

  • Intake: Multipoint sequential fuel injection

  • Alternator: 25 Amp integrated

  • Electric starter: 1.1 KW integrated

  • Ignition: Double

  • Installed dry weight (liquids 5kg): 58 kg (battery and liquids not included)

Included accessories

Standard delivery includes:

  • The engine with integrated alternator, water pump, oil pump and electric starter.

  • Rubber mounts (dimensions same as Jabiru and UL power)

  • Fuel pump, fuel filter and injectors

  • 2 ignition coils, spark plugs and ignition leads

  • double ECU and loom

  • 2 water temperature sensors (1 for ECU and one for instruments)

  • Oil pressure and oil temperature sensor

  • Oil radiator, oil filter, oil tank with breather system and hose + connectors

  • Exhaust kit adaptable to your aircraft is included with lambda probe.

  • The liquid cooling system (radiator, hoses and expansion tank) are not included.

The different aircraft / helicopters equipped, required different cooling configurations. It is too difficult to anticipate a solution for every installation. Attempting to provide a universal solution would be both inefficient and overly expensive.

The weight of the engine completely installed with liquids is 63 to 67 kg depending on installation. This weight does not include the engine mount or propeller.

The actual TBO time is 1500 hours.


  • Plywood crate (FAO-IPPC-ISPM15), packaging and handling

  • Extra fuel pump

  • Redundant injection system

Warranty: 2 year

Power and torque

Fuel Consumption LF26

On a lot of forums, people are discussing fuel consumption or questioning why we are not providing this information.  The fuel consumption as measured on our dyno is about 16 liters at 2800 RPM. It is difficult to have a fix number but we have tried to be as correct as possible. The fuel consumption will of course vary from one model to another but this will give you an indication

D-Motor LF26 on Wikipedia :