Update 23 May 2017

I wish to apologize for this long silence but we had to make some decisions.

After the presentation of the new engines at Aero and on the website, a lot of customers explained us it was a bad idea to implement so many changes in one time. Especially the use of hydraulic lifters should be tested severly before introducing this as serial, as one of our competitors had serious problems after implementing hydraulic lifters.

After consultation with customers and dealers we have decided to stay at the same concept but already implement some cosmetic changes like iginition coils on the side of the engine, big connector on backplate, new map sensors and new ECU.  We will check with sandcasting company what they can do to improve the sand-casting process to avoid rejected parts at quality control.

I also want to inform that Freddy (for those who knows Freddy) is not longer member of D-motor.