12 July 2012


At last after a long silence we are able to bri

ng you up to date with our progress.
As you may have read, the trial castings of the 6 cylinder were not successful.
So we had to redesign the way the engine was constructed.
We were so delighted with the solutions we developed in solving the problems with the 6 cylinder, that we made the decision to incorporate all the benefits into our production 4 cylinder engine.
The improvements include an increase in the stroke which results in an increase in cubic capacity.
The original design was based on a maximum of 80HP to meet the French requirement at that time.
The new engine has individually adjustable tappets and is even easier to assemble.

The first FL27(production engine) started flight testing at the beginning of last week and at the weekend was flown to an exhibition at Magdeburg(Germany) a flight of over 3 hours duration. The pilot reported that the extra power was clearly noticeable in both climb and cruise performance and he was very impressed!
As a result this has put back the introduction of our 6 cylinder engine by 6 months.

At the end of this document you can see a chart showing the power curve of the new engine and below we have included pictures showing a comparison of the original and new cylinder block and the new access for the tappet adjustment





Our demonstration engine has been given a new look thanks to the input of BOT Aircraft, who have helped to produce a new engine mount. The new arrangement allows us to run the engine and demonstrate to the public how the ECU warns when a cable is disconnected, using a built in diagnostic system.



We would like to recommend you the website  http://www.classicplanes.de/ where you can follow at the news item the installation of a D-motor in a ME109 (select German language)

Some weeks ago another engine in a Sherwood Ranger from TLAC was started in France.


Another airplane in South Africa, with d-motor installation, was started up some days ago. In this document you can find some comments.