Update 08 April 2017

We are proud to present the new generation of the D-motor engines.

The LF26 is growing in lengt with 25,4mm and get 1 extra crankshaft bearing.

The LF 39 will also be 25,4 mm longer and get 7 crankshaft bearings instead of 5.

On both engines we increase the stroke with 6 m and resulting in a 12m larger engine.  As a result of this the LF26 increase from 2.7 liter to 2.9 and the LF 39 increases from 4 liter to 4.3 liter.

On both new generation engines we introduce the hydraulic valve adjustment.

In order to make installation cleaner and easier we install the small ignition coils on the side of the engines.


In the coming days (after the Aero exhibition in Friedrichshafen) we will upgrade the website with new dimensions and expected power.