Update 05 Sept 2014

We are glad to present you the 6 cylinder in action. After more than 100 hours testflying the company EDM Aerotec presented officialy their coax helicopter equipped with the 6 cylinder.  Perfect combination according to the test pilots.  Below you can see a video of this event.  Soon we will provide you with more visual material.

Another 6 cylinder has been installed in a test plane in Belgium and has only about 15 hours. This week we delivered another 6 cylinder to our German dealer for installation on a plane. End of the month we ship another engine to EDM Aerotec.

And now time for some bad news.

Last week just before attending Blois exhibition we were alerted by a customer that the installed weight was not as expected or announced. We checked and must admit that some changes on the engine configuration had a serious impact on weight. The final dry weight of D-motor LF26 is 58 kg and the final dry weight weight of the LF39 is 78kg. The wet weight depending on the radiator choice and the lenght of the hoses 64kg for the LF26 and 85kg for the LF39.